A Malmsten chair, designed not by Carl Malmsten but by his son, the interior architect Vidar Malmsten. The rich Malmsten archive contains many of Vidar’s sketches. His design idiom is regarded as vigourous, a little gnarly and more foreceful compared to his father’s. This stackable model was designed for the parish hall at Sundbyberg Church and production resumed in 2013. Another of Carls Malmsten’s sons, Egil Malmsten, has described his brother as “genial and able to work in total chaos, producing the most wondrous objects”. Tragically, Vidar Malmsten died prematurely.




Height: 78 cm, Width: 48 cm, Depth: 78 cm, Seat height: 45 cm, Seat depth 41 cm.


Solid birch and oak, seat in leather, seaweed or string. Loose leather cushion optional

Surface treatment:

Soap, oil, white, natural, smoked oak, egg oil tempera


Tre Sekel möbelsnickeri